Sunday, December 2, 2012

Illustration vs. Reality

What would happen when reality mixes with illustration? We walk on streets all the time, but how many of us will actually stop by and look carefully into the beauty of our surroundings? Each block of building, each view, each design, each type of arrangement and even each road, gives a unique kind of feel. However, there are some people, would actually stop by and snap a photo of the view they think is unique. As time goes by, things change; but pictures are immortal. We sometimes look back at the pictures taken over a period of time. We think of the past. Undeniable, pictures are memories to us. 

It could be very different, when illustration blends into reality, recorded in a photo. Even characters that exist only in our imagination could fit into reality. Let's see how this happens:

Mario comes into reality.

See that? Superman!

World in a view of hole?

Oh, Danbo...

The hand... How to do that?!

Does this describes the fact that Koala is facing the problem of extinction?

Who do you think you are, making fun of me?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baby Sleeping Art

"Babies are cute!"

What's your opinion about the above statement? I bet the majority of people would definitely say yes. However, some may say no. Generally, one of the excuses that caused people to object the above statement is that babies make a lot of noise. Yes, perhaps it is true. To a certain extent, I personally agree that babies make noise, especially when they're crying. No one would like to listen to a baby crying, would you?

Meanwhile, I like to see baby sleeping. I like to observe their changing facial expressions while they sleep. To me, it makes me feel relax. Sitting next to the little one's bedside, observing their cute facial expressions in silence allows me to forget all the tensions, which bond me tightly and sometimes cause me hard to breathe. Nonetheless, I found an interesting fact when I was doing web-browsing: Artist could turn anything into arts! Don't you believe? Take a look at the following pictures. They're so-called "baby sleeping arts".

A traditional Chinese story: Chang E's ascent to the Moon. By the way, where's the rabbit?

What a huge candy! It's too large for a baby anyway...

Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf. Her pity grandma was eaten by the bad wolf. Still, it's not contented... LOL

Tom and Jerry taking a walk with a pet dog?

A chinchilla! That was my dream pet a few years back. Now this baby owns one, but it's fake, hehe...

Twinkle, twinkle, little star loves only mom, not dad. LOL!

This little witch could not make me feel even a little sense of hate, he's too cute.

Mermaid! Fortunately, she's sleeping. Otherwise, her song could kill.

Snow white princess. Kiss her please, any prince?

"Don't hang me, I'm not a cloth!"

Up, up and up... Here I fly.

Super Mario Bros, my favorite game during kids-life.

Oh ya, here's the jade rabbit. Shouldn't it be together with Chang E? LOL...
Cute little babies, all your anger should now be gone, right?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Owl In My Cup?

Coffee is no longer merely a beverage to many people. It does not fulfill only our desire for taste. It has began to meet our desire for sight. Some people may even think that the arts could reflect their feelings at the moment. It's quite common to see coffee arts as below. I bet you have even saw or tasted more interesting arts before.

However, what do you think when you see the below coffee art in front of your eyes? Are you thinking like most people do: Is this real or just a PS photo? Don't ask me, I do not know the answer like you.

Anyway, this picture has been circulating throughout social networking pages, including Twitter and Facebook recently, but whether it's a digitally created photo, no one knows. The only explanation found across the web is that this particular photo has been uploaded to Twitter initially, by an artist, Stuart Rutherford. According to him, he accidentally dropped two pieces of potato crisp into his cup of coffee and BOOM! The owl appears. 

So, what do you think? Can you convince yourself that it is real? Find your answer.