Sunday, December 2, 2012

Illustration vs. Reality

What would happen when reality mixes with illustration? We walk on streets all the time, but how many of us will actually stop by and look carefully into the beauty of our surroundings? Each block of building, each view, each design, each type of arrangement and even each road, gives a unique kind of feel. However, there are some people, would actually stop by and snap a photo of the view they think is unique. As time goes by, things change; but pictures are immortal. We sometimes look back at the pictures taken over a period of time. We think of the past. Undeniable, pictures are memories to us. 

It could be very different, when illustration blends into reality, recorded in a photo. Even characters that exist only in our imagination could fit into reality. Let's see how this happens:

Mario comes into reality.

See that? Superman!

World in a view of hole?

Oh, Danbo...

The hand... How to do that?!

Does this describes the fact that Koala is facing the problem of extinction?

Who do you think you are, making fun of me?

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